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Rights & Permissions

If you wish to reproduce Intellectual Property belonging to Okportal Superstructure (TM) in any way, please seek and obtain a written permission through the Board Of Directors of Jokatel Solutions Limited by mail only ( Material on the Okportal Superstructure (TM) website is in copyright and, except as provided for under national and/or international laws, may not be used without the express permission of Okportal Superstructure (TM).

Rights licences

Rights licences are issued for reprint, translation, audio, video, broadcast or electronic reproduction of an entire work.

Permissions licences

Permissions licences are issued for the reproduction or translation of single chapters, journal articles, text extracts, figures, illustrations and audio extracts from copyright works of Okportal Superstructure (TM) in printed, recorded or electronic format with full copyright ownership and permission of the original author and co-authors of the material concerned.

Permissions licences also cover requests for networking, educational photocopying of materials originated from Okportal Superstructure (TM) as well as applications from the reading impaired.